Do you see a screen that is similar to the one below? (bluetooth logo inside the button)

If so, could you double check the following points? 

  • Make sure your are running the latest version of the App (update the App via the App Store) 
  • Make sure you are close enough to the bike (maximum 30m)
  • Double check that the battery is in the bike and is not fully discharged
  • Try to turn the bluetooth on & off on your iPhone
  • Completely shut down your phone and restart it
  • Verify you are not already connected to your bike on another device (shut down the bluetooth on the first device to stop the connection)
  • Try to take the battery out of your bike, place it on your charger for a few seconds (the LED light on the charger needs to become red or green, instead of blinking green), place it back inside the bike and try to turn on your bike through the App again
  • Check in the multitask that the app is shut down (if not, please do shut it down)
  • Remove the 'Cowboy' bluetooth connection on your iPhone (click on the "i" next to COWBOY)
  • Check that no other bluetooth device connected to your phone is active (sport watch, speaker, etc.). Turn those off if they are connected.
  • Take the battery out of the bike and charge it a bit (the LED light on the charger should turn red at first and then either stay red or turn green).
  • Put the battery back in the bike.
  • Try turning your bluetooth connection on your iPhone off and back on again (check again that there is no other device connected to your phone via bluetooth)
  • Go to the Cowboy app and check that you are logged in (you should see your dashboard).
  • Wait until you see a code coming up to establish the connection. This can take a while, so make sure you wait long enough without touching anything else.

Please try to follow these steps as carefully as possible to establish the connection between your phone and your bike. 

If the issue persists, please contact our support team on [email protected] or through the chat in the App.

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