Broken Seat Clamp Screws (Cowboy Classic/Cruiser/Cruiser ST)

How to solve: Broken Seat Clamp Screws (Cowboy Classic/Cruiser/Cruiser ST)

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How will I know I have this issue?

The seat clamp screws behind the battery are broken/snapped, making the up/down adjustment of the seat post difficult or impossible.

What causes this issue?

The screw wears over the lifetime of the bike, or was overtightened.

Is this issue covered by warranty?

Where to have this issue fixed?

Once you have confirmed your issue with us via your Cowboy app, we will ship you the parts and you can either book in to a Cowboy Certified Bike shop with the link we will send you, or you can visit your local bike shop with the instructions below.

  • Local Bike shop: We recommend visiting your local favourite bike shop to easily and quickly fix this issue. Just ask them to check the seat clamp screws above the battery connectors.

  • Cowboy Certified Bike Shop: If you are near a Cowboy Certified Bike Shop, you can also drop in there. Check our map here

  • IMPORTANT - Do not attempt to self-repair this issue - it can result in further damage to the frame.

Spare Parts Required

Seat clamp screws and clamps are available via our Cowboy support team, reach out to us via the app

Tools Required

  • 4mm Allen Key (provided in the Cowboy tools box)

Repair Instructions

(You can share these instructions with your local bike shop)

  • Step 1: If the broken half of the screw can still be accessed, it should be possible to pull it out with a screw extractor and replace it.

  • Step 2: If the screw cannot be accessed, please contact Cowboy customer support with pictures of the stuck screws and the damaged thread.

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