Do you see a screen that looks like the one below? (bluetooth logo inside the pink button)

Follow these steps one after the other and check if the connection with the bike can be established:

  • Make sure you are close enough to the bike (maximum 10m)
  • Double check that the battery is in the bike and is not fully discharged
  • Make sure your are running the latest version of the App by going to the Play Store 
  • Try to turn your device’s Bluetooth off & on again
  • Check that you are not connected to another Bluetooth device
  • Verify you are not already connected to your bike on another device (shut down the Bluetooth on the first device to stop the connection)
  • Try to take the battery out of your bike, plug it in your charger for a few seconds (the LED light on the charger should turn red at first and then either stay red or turn green), place it back inside the bike and try to turn on your bike through the App again.

Some phones have known Bluetooth related bugs. These steps might also help fix a connection issue:

Unpair the bike

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth
  • Find "Cowboy" and click on the wheel
  • Click on forget / unpair
  • Launch the App and try again

Clear the Bluetooth cache 

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App list
  • Click on the 3-dot overflow menu and select Show system apps
  • Come down and click on “Bluetooth” or "Bluetooth Share"
  • Click on “Storage”, tap "Force Stop" and select “Clear Cache”
  • Go back and repeat the same procedure for the system Apps called ‘Bluetooth Test’ and ‘Bluetooth MIDI Services’ (if shown)
  • Restart the phone and try again

Some phones might not be able to connect if you have both the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi turned on.

If the issue persists, contact the support team via the chat in the App.

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