Misaligned Mudguard/Fender (Cowboy Classic/Cruiser/Cruiser ST)

How to solve the issue: Misaligned Mudguard/Fender (Cowboy Classic/Cruiser/Cruiser ST)

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What causes this issue?

This can be caused when the mudguard is not fully or correctly screwed to the frame.

How do I know I have this issue?

You might see the mudguard misaligned with the wheel, and it might rub on the wheel itself.

Is this issue covered by warranty?

Where to have this issue fixed.

This issue is not specific to Cowboy bikes, and you do not need spare parts, so it's quickest to visit your local bike shop who will be able to fix this in a few minutes.

  • *Recommended - Bike shop: We recommend visiting your local favourite bike shop to easily and quickly fix this issue, sharing the instructions below.

  • Self repair: If you are handy, you can check the videos below and try it out yourself.

What tools are needed?

  • 4mm Allen Key (provided in the Cowboy toolbox)

  • 5 mm Allen Key (provided in the Cowboy toolbox)

  • 8mm Allen Key

Repair Instructions

Front mudguard

The Cowboy Cruiser/ST/Classic, Cowboy 4/ST front mudguard is held in place by one screw on each side of the fork.

  • Loosen these two screws holding the mudguard legs with a 4mm allen key. This can be done without removing the front wheel, but it's easier when removed. You can remove the front wheel with an allen 8 key.

  • Push the mudguard gently forward or backward to adapt the clearance according to the misalignment.

  • Tighten screws gently (no need to over tighten).

  • In case this doesn't help: remove the front wheel and slightly loosen the vertical screw at the top of the fork, to allow the mudguard to move more easily.

Rear mudguard with luggage rack

The mudguard is mounted to the rack in two places. Each hole is wide enough to allow for adjustment in one direction.

The hole towards the back of the bike (in red on the picture) allows for perpendicular adjustment to the riding direction.

  • Step 1: gently push the mudguard in the right direction by hand (don't put too much force).

  • Step 2: if needed, remove the rear wheel (instructions here), loosen the relevant screw (allen 3 key) and adjust the mudguard position, then reattach the rear wheel.

Rear mudguard without luggage rack

Loosen the long seat stay screws with an allen 5 key (encircled in red on the picture below) and gently move the mudguard into the right direction. Hold the mudguard in the right position and tighten the screws again.

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