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Can I rent a Cowboy bike?

If you live in the Netherlands or in Germany, we are currently working with Grover, a company which allows us to rent Cowboy bikes for a flexible number of months. You can find more information on that subject on Grover's official website here.

Thanks to Grover, you can now access our Cowboy Cruiser/ST/Classic for a set price per month for 24 months. The e-bikes are insured by Grover, with repairs covered as part of the Grover subscription plan. Kindly note that the Cowboy Theft Insurance and Cowboy Care are not included when renting a bike through Grover.

With Grover, the e-bikes can be leased for flexible periods ranging from 3 to 24 months and at the end of the rental period, consumers are given the option to purchase the e-bike at a discounted price or return it for free. Switching to a longer rental plan to lower monthly payments is also possible at any time, providing extra flexibility.

We are exploring ways to expand this kind of rental bike service to other countries as well, so stay tuned 😊

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