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How do I turn the assistance on/off?

To turn the assistance on or off, you can link your phone to the bike, unlock your bike and then click on the assistance button appearing.

How do I switch from light to dark mode or vice-versa?

To turn dark or light mode on or off, you need to:

On iOS:

  • Go into your phone's app settings and turn the dark mode on.

On Android:

  • Open the Cowboy App > Click on the third button at the bottom (parameters button) > Click on your name (just below the bike) > Scroll down to “Theme” > Switch to either Auto, Light or Dark Mode.

How do I change the general settings on my app (unit system, notifications...)?

To change the settings of your app, you can click on the third button at the bottom of your Cowboy App (Settings), click on your name under the picture of your bike and then scroll down to the settings.

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