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Do you want to resell your bike to someone else, but keep your data?

  • Head to the Settings tab of the app

  • Scroll to the Your Bike section, and Tap Advanced

  • Click on Unlink this bike from my account

You'll then receive by email instructions to forward to the new bike owner to let them use your bike. Note that they'll not be able to see all your personal data like the rides you've done with the bike. With this method, you'll keep all your data. So if one day you buy a brand new Cowboy bike, you'll still see the rides you made with your former bike.

Do you want to permanently delete your account, and lose all your data?

  • Head to the Settings tab and click on your account

  • Tap on Delete account at the bottom of the screen

  • Confirm you really want to permanently delete your account and lose all your data

Watch out: All your data, including all your rides and achievements, will be permanently deleted. This action cannot be undone. You'll still receive instructions to access the bike again by email.

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