Cowboy Circular is meant to offer a longer lifespan to our bikes by refurbishing the stock of used bikes and selling them at a lower price.

The supply of Circular bikes is fueled by customers returning their bikes in the 14-day period or under warranty, test bikes from our Test ride network and Brussels Brand Store. All bikes are conscientiously refurbished by the service center.

The Cowboy Circular bikes are sold following the "first come, first served" principle and we don't take reservations for potential stock in the future.

Bikes are refurbished on a weekly basis, but the number depends on the bikes that are being returned which is something we can't predict.

If we're out of stock today, we'd advise you to look at the Circular page on our website on a regular basis. Let's hope you can get your hands on one 😉

For more information, don't hesitate to have a look on the circular page as well.

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