What is our Theft Insurance?
Everything you need to know about our Theft Insurance.
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Our Theft Insurance is a yearly subscription plan to protect your bike against theft and damage from a theft attempt.

If we offer Theft Insurance in your country (see here), you can subscribe directly at check out when purchasing a bike, or in the app after you've activated your bike.

Once you subscribed at checkout, you will receive 2 emails to set up your insurance:

  • A first email to activate your insurance by answering a couple of questions (this needs to happen within 14 days after subscribing). Activating the insurance doesn't kick off the insurance period so you should do this even if you did not receive the bike yet.

  • A second email with a 6-figure code. Once you've received and activated your bike, you will need to input this code in the Cowboy app in the Theft Insurance section. The insurance will then be linked to your bike and your insurance will start running.

If you have any other question, please have a look here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the FAQ section and Terms and Conditions.

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