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Find my Bike & Theft Alerts
Find my Bike & Theft Alerts
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Bicycle theft is a problem we want to tackle at Cowboy. Several features have been included in the app to prevent it.

Digital key  

You are the only person who can turn on the electrical assistance of your bike through the App. Each bike is linked to a unique account on the App.

Find My Bike

If your bike is stolen, you can use the Find my Bike function in the app to locate where your bike is. The Cowboy bike comes equipped with a SIM card, enabling GPS location.

  • The Cowboy bike is tracked using a GPS. 

  • The position is really precise (i.e. within a few meters) and allows to quickly find the bike back. 

  • If the bike is inside a building our customers can use the built-in Bluetooth scanner to know how close they are from the bike. This scanner acts as a "hot or cold" interface and is super simple to use.

Will the bike always send a position?

Cowboy’s mission is to give you access to as much data as possible to enable you to find your bike back. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee, due to inherent technology limitations, the ability to trace your bike under all conditions. If your bike is in an area without cellular network coverage, it will not be able to send its position. Getting theft insurance is the best way to be 100% at ease in case of theft.

How often does it send a position?

If your bike has a good cellular connection you will receive a new location every 15 minutes if your bike is on the move. Movement is detected by the accelerometer in the bike. When it stays in one position you will receive a notification every 5 hours, this is to save battery.

Theft Alerts (Cowboy insurance exclusive)

How can I access the Theft Alerts feature?

Theft alerts are a Cowboy insurance exclusive. You can activate an insurance plan in your app within 5 years of purchasing your bike.

Notifications are supported on the iOS app v2.8.5+, Android app v2.6.0+ and firmware v4.7+.

How do the Theft Alerts work?

Your bike will start sensing movements 2 minutes after you turn it off through your app, so you can lock it with ease.

If someone touches your bike for a few seconds, you will then receive a theft alert notification on your phone, followed by its GPS position. Click on the alert to keep track of your bike location and retrieve it guided by the bluetooth signal strength indicator.

Note that you must be connected to the internet to receive such alerts. They will be dismissed if you are close by and connected to your bike by Bluetooth, so we don't bother you when you’re the one moving your bike. They will also be dismissed if you started a ride after the time of the alert.

Will Theft Alerts still work if I take out my battery or if my battery is empty?

Yes. There is a back-up battery inside your bike that allows it to send theft alerts and new positions notifications. Make sure to leave your main battery in your bike regularly so that back-up battery can be recharged and keep on sending alerts.

What is the impact of the Theft Alerts on my battery range?

The impact on your battery range is negligible.

Can I disable the Theft alerts?

You can always deactivate Theft Alerts from your app. Go in Your Bike > Settings > Theft alerts to disable or enable those alerts. Note that connecting to your bike before you move it will also prevent you from receiving unwanted alerts.

I don’t receive a Theft Alert, is it normal?

Theft Alerts are dismissed when we think your bike is still with you, so it’s normal you don’t always get an alert when you try to create one.

Here’s a step-by-step test you can take to confirm Theft Alerts are working properly :

  • Log in the app

  • Make sure that Theft Alerts are enabled in your bike settings

  • Verify that push notifications are enabled for the app

  • Make sure that no special focus mode is enabled

  • Make sure you are not connected to the bike anymore, by turning Bluetooth off on your device

  • Make sure you’re connected to the internet

  • Put the bike outside, so it has good network coverage

  • No theft alerts are sent for 2 minutes after locking your bike, so wait for 2 minutes if you recently locked it

  • Shake your bike for a couple of seconds and confirm your bike starts blinking

  • You should receive a theft alert on your phone in less than 1 minute normally

If you don't receive a Theft Alert after waiting 1 minute, you can reach out to our support team to get further assistance.

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