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How can I repair a puncture?
How can I repair a puncture?
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We prepared tutorials explaining how to replace the inner tube of the rear wheel or the front wheel in case of a puncture. You can also go to a local bike shop to get your bike repaired.

If you have a Cowboy Care subscription, we can also come to you to fix it. More info can be found here.

To avoid punctures, we recommend to check your tire pressure and inflate them up to 2,5 bar (Cowboy 4), 3 bar (Cowboy 3), 4 bar (Cowboy 2) or 5 bar (Cowboy 1).

Please also bear in mind that riding a Cowboy bike is different than a normal bike. Your Cowboy bike has a motor mounted at the rear side, which means curbs and boardwalks have to be approached with care.

We recommend standing on the pedals when riding over these bumps. By doing so, you will place more weight over the front wheel, and the general weight will be better distributed over the entire bike.

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