We accept both debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal as digital payment methods.

In Belgium, we have an agreement with the collaborative credit website Mozzeno. You can just fill in a form on their website to ask for a loan 👌🏻

In Germany and Austria, you can use Klarna to pay in multiple installments. With Klarna, you can chose to pay in 6 or 12 or 24 months or flexible times. Note that some fees may apply. To use this, go to the German Cowboy website and simply select Klarna as the payment method. We hope to extend this option to the Netherlands soon.

In France, you can pay in multiple instalments by selecting Alma as the payment option. With Alma, you pay in 3 times (664.34€ now, 664.34€ in one month, 664.34€ in 2 months) without an extra fee. Simply, go to the French Cowboy website and select Alma as the payment method. You can find the terms & conditions here.

In the UK, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain we don't have these kind of agreements yet but we are of course always working on elaborating our offer in the future. 

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