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Payment methods
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Which payment methods can I use to place my order?

You can find all the different payment methods for your order by visiting this page.

Don’t forget that governments and local financial institutions often also offer significant loans and subsidies for the purchase of electric bikes. It's well worth reading our related FAQ to see what you may be entitled to in your country.

Remember, borrowing money also costs money.

Is it possible to use Ecocheques to pay my bike?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use ecocheques as a payment method.

Can I place an order with more than one bike?

If you are buying several bikes for your business, please get in touch with the B2B team by filling out this form.

If you are an individual and would like to purchase two or more bikes to be delivered to the same address, we suggest to place several separate orders, but your orders might not be delivered at the same time. Kindly note that each bike order will come with its own delivery costs, if applicable.

I have an issue when placing the order, what should I do?

There may be different reasons why the payment does not work. Please first check the following steps:

  • Make sure the balance of your card / account is high enough to cover the price of the full order;

  • Make sure that the limit on your payment method is high enough for the payment (kindly check this directly with your card/account provider);

  • If you are using an installment method, please make sure that you are not adding Cowboy Care in your order, since Cowboy Care cannot be purchased through installments. If you would like to order your bike in installments and add Cowboy Care to your order, please place your order without Cowboy Care and purchase it separately afterwards through your Cowboy App.

If the payment issue still persists, please try to:

  • Place the order from a private window (also called "incognito window") on your browser and/or;

  • Place the order from another browser altogether, ideally also in a private window.

Should the issue still persist, please get in touch with the Cowboy Team through the chat on our website.

Can I buy a voucher to offer a bike to someone?

It is currently not possible to purchase a voucher to offer a bike to someone else.

Can I pay my bike in several installments without fees?

Yes, you can place your order and pay in several installments directly at checkout. Kindly note you will need a credit card to be able to pay in several installments without fees.

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