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What is Share my Ride?

This feature allows you to share your live position with your friends when you ride. Always handy when you are running late home, are about to have a great time with friends, or are planning a challenging ride.

Your friends will be able to send you short reactions through your tracking link. You’ll see them pop up in your dashboard as you ride.

How to start sharing your ride?

Cowboy 2 or later

  • Make sure you have the latest app and firmware. The minimum app version required is the 4.1.0 and the minimum firmware version is the 4.7.0.

  • Unlock your bike.

  • Open your control panel, and tap on Share. You can also do this on your Watch app.

  • Select the contact(s) you want to share your ride with in the sharing dialog. Your personal link will then automatically be sent to your friends. They’ll be able to follow you until you lock your bike.

  • You’ll be notified when new people open your tracking link and start following you.

We recommend keeping your phone connected to your bike and the internet while riding to ensure your contacts receive the latest positions.

Cowboy 1

This feature unfortunately isn’t available for Cowboy 1+ owners.

Can my friends see my position after the ride has finished?

No. Your position will remain available only for the duration of your ride. In case you want them to follow you again, start a new ride and share your new personal link with them.

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