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Safety alerts
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What are “safety alerts”?

Thanks to our Crash Detection feature, we have identified locations that are more prone to accidents than others.

As Cowboys always have each other's backs, we have compiled a list of crash-prone locations and created an alert system integrated into the ride dashboard. You will always be alerted when extra care should be taken.

Which cities are covered?

10 cities are covered so far: Brussels 🇧🇪, Antwerp 🇧🇪, Paris 🇫🇷, Berlin 🇩🇪, Hamburg 🇩🇪, Frankfurt 🇩🇪, Munich 🇩🇪, Amsterdam 🇳🇱, Rotterdam 🇳🇱 and London 🇬🇧. More will follow.

Which data sources have been used?

Crash hotspots have been identified using both the locations where Cowboy riders have fallen, as well as publicly available data on bike accidents.

Can I suggest a new crash hotspot?

Yes, you can submit your suggestion on the following page.

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