Belt - Broken/Damaged Belt (Cowboy Classic/Cruiser/Cruiser ST)

How to solve the issue: Belt - Broken/Damaged Belt (Cowboy Classic/Cruiser/Cruiser ST)

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How do i know i have this issue?

Your belt is broken or snapped (if it has fallen off instead, you will have a separate issue with an easy solution)

What causes this issue?

Belts have an expected lifetime and will always break after a certain usage.

Is this issue covered by warranty?

Where to have this issue fixed?

This issue is not specific to Cowboy bikes, so once you have received your parts, it's quickest to visit your local bike shop who will be able to fix this in a few minutes.

  • Local Bike shop: We recommend visiting your local favourite bike shop to easily and quickly fix this issue. Just ask them to check your brake calipers, pads and discs and show them the instructions below.

  • Cowboy Certified Bike Shop: If you are near a Cowboy Certified Bike Shop, you can also drop in there. Check our map here

  • Self repair: If you are handy, you can check the videos below and try it out yourself.

Spare Parts Required

  • Belts are available to purchase directly via our app chat - head to support -> chat -> I want to purchase spare parts

Tools Required

  • 5mm Allen Key (to remove the mudguard/ rack)

  • Belt Tension Tool

  • Pin Spanner (available in your Cowboy accessory kit, or here, or any good bike tool shop)

  • Phone with the "Gates Carbon Drive" app to measure the belt tension

Repair Instructions

(You can share these instructions with your local bike shop)

  • Remove and replace the belt using this tutorial (note, the title is about removing the rear rack, but the content includes the belt removal)

  • Tighten the belt using this tutorial

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