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My Invoice
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I would like to receive the invoice for my order, could you send it to me?

When placing an order, you will always receive the invoice in your confirmation email. In case you need a copy of it, you can log into your portal by clicking here.

You can put the email address you used to place the order, request a code per email and log in. You will then have access to all your invoices.

Is it possible to change the information on my invoice?

Some information can be changed on your invoice, and some other information cannot.

Here is what we can change on your invoice:

  • We can add your VAT number if you forgot to add it

  • We can add a comment on your invoice

  • We can add the delivery date on your invoice

  • We can update your invoice after your order was changed (model change, price change...)

  • We can change the bill-to name on your invoice

  • We can change the billing address on your invoice if the new address is still in the same country (except for US orders)

  • We can translate the invoice in another language if needed

  • We can add the Cowboy stamp on your invoice and/or sign the invoice

For those requests, you can simply fill out this request form. It will then be handled by our Finance Team.

Here is (a non-exhaustive list of) what we cannot change on your invoice:

  • We can't change the ship-to information (name and address)

  • We can't change the billing address if the new address is in a new country (or state, for the US)

  • We can't change any information on the items or price paid if there is no tangible evidence that there was indeed a change in the order

  • We can't change the date of when the invoice was issued

  • ...

I ordered my bike with Cycletowork / Cyclescheme / Fietsplan, how can I access my Invoice?

If you ordered your bike with Cycletowork, Cyclescheme or Fietsplan, you can directly get the invoice through the leasing/cyclescheme partner, since they were the one purchasing the bike to begin with.

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