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Battery - General info
Battery - General info
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How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Your battery can charge from 0% to 100% in less than 3.5hours.

What should I do when using the battery for the first time?

When using your battery for the first time, we suggest to:

  • First charge it fully (until the LED on the charger turns green)

  • Use your bike with the battery until the battery completely runs out and the assistance stops - this means your battery has reached 0%

  • Charge your battery again to 100%

This is called the calibration process of your battery. Once the calibration is done, you can charge your battery the way you like. We however suggest to avoid letting your battery level go to less than 10%. It is not problematic if you do, but keeping the battery at more than 10% charge helps keeping a healthy battery for longer.

Can I charge the battery without taking it out of the bike?

One of the great advantages of our batteries is that you can remove it from the bike to charge it anywhere you like. Unfortunately, it is however not possible to charge it without removing it from the bike.

I would like to have a stronger battery: do you have stronger batteries or can I buy a spare one?

We are always trying to improve our bikes and accessories, and improving the battery range is one of our priorities. Currently, we do not provide stronger batteries, but if you are interested, you can always buy a second battery with us. The price is 490€, since it is the central part of the bike. If you would like to purchase a second battery, simply leave your email address here, and we will place the order for you.

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