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My bike was stolen - What should I do?
My bike was stolen - What should I do?
In this article, you'll find all the information that will help you increase the chances of finding your bike back.
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  • Activate “Find my Bike”

    • Go to your App and “Activate Find my Bike”

    • Do not click on “Exit” until you retrieve your bike

  • Get in touch with the police and immediately file a police report

    • You will need the frame number of your bike, which you can find in your app > go to settings > more information > frame number

    • You can also provide the latest positions of your bike available in the “Find my Bike” feature on the app

  • If you have Cowboy Theft Insurance, file a claim with the insurer through this link within 24 hours of the theft.

What happens if I did not have the battery on my bike when it was stolen or if the battery was empty?

Your bike is equipped with an internal battery that works without your main battery. It can last a few weeks without the main battery on your bike.

Why doesn't my bike's position update?

If your bike is not sending position updates, it may be because it is in a location with a weak signal. If the bike moves to a location with a stronger signal, it will automatically send you updates again in the app.

How often do I receive a new location when my bike is stolen?

If the bike is moving, it will send its position every 5 minutes or so. If it is not moving, it will stop sending its position to save battery power. The last position you see is the last position your bike was in, and if it moves, it will send its new position as long as the internal battery is not empty.

Does the Cowboy Team have access to more information about my bike’s position?

No, all information that the bike is able to send is displayed directly in the app. The Cowboy Team has access to the exact same information as you do. As soon as the bike has an updated location to share, you will be the first one to know through your app. You don't have to contact the team to make sure that you have the latest updates on your bike's location.

What happens if the thief tries to use the bike?

The thief will not be able to use your bike because they will either need your battery key to activate your bike manually, or your email address and password to connect to the bike. If they contact us, we will immediately see that this is your bike and that it has been stolen, and we will contact you right away.

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