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Compatibility with Apple Health
Compatibility with Apple Health
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How can I access the Apple Health feature?

The Apple Health integration is supported from the iOS app 3.5.0. It is available for all iOS riders after purchasing the Cowboy Connect feature, no matter their bike model or firmware version.

Head to Settings Your account Integrations and tap on Apple Health to export all your past rides and have all your future ones exported too.

What is Apple Health feature about?

The Apple Health feature allows you to add all your Cowboy rides to Apple Health. Upon activation, all your past rides will be exported. All your future rides will then get automatically synchronized by our app.

You’ll be able to visualize how many kilometers you cycled by bike (’Cycling Distance’), how long your workout was (’Workouts’), and how much calories you burned (’Active Energy’). Note that Apple Health doesn’t allow to track and visualize the route you’ve taken. This integration also doesn’t allow us to display your hearth rate data within our app.

If you own an Apple Watch, we advise you to not activate this functionality, and keep on creating your own workouts with your watch if you want your heart rate data to be recorded. We can’t prevent your watch from asking you whether you want to start a workout, and can’t prevent duplicated workouts from being created.

This synchronization can only work if you grant Cowboy access to Apple Health. If you delete the app and reinstall it later, this permission will be lost and you’ll need to activate it again.

I don’t see one of my rides on Apple Health, is it normal?

First, confirm that you grant us the necessary authorizations. Open Apple Health and go to Browse Account Apps Cowboy to confirm you allowed all the writing access. This authorization gets lost whenever you delete the app, and must be granted again.

Then, make sure that you didn’t grant access to Apple Health on another device, using another Apple account. If it’s the case, only the first phone that will be notified about the trip will post it to its linked Apple Health account.

All the rides you see in our app should be posted to Apple Health within a few minutes after opening the Cowboy app in foreground. If it’s not the case, and you ensured you grant us access and they were not posted on another Apple Health account, you can get in touch with our customer support through the in-app chat.

Can I delete a ride from Apple Health?

You can do it on Apple Health directly. You can see all the data we exported in Browse Account Apps Cowboy “Data from Cowboy”. You’ll not be able to export those rides again, so make sure you really want to delete them.

Note when deleting a ride on our app, you aren’t automatically deleting it from Apple Health as well. You must delete it on that platform too.

What should I do if I change Apple account?

Reinstall the app in your new phone. You’ll be able to grant us access to your new account. All the rides that have not been synced yet to Apple Health will appear on your new account.

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