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A Mac address or media access control address is a unique digital identifier of your bike whereas the frame (or serial) number is the unique physical identifier.

Frame number

  • You can find the frame number underneath the bike, below the bottom bracket. You should find a sticker with a QR code and a code starting with CBFM (CowBoy FraMe).

  • You will also be able to find the code in the Cowboy app after you've activated your bike. Go to Settings --> Advanced --> It's the code under "Serial Number".

An example of a frame number is CBFM18A00967

Mac Address

  • When receiving your new bike, the Mac address is noted on a wrap which you can find on the frame of the bike. You'll need to scan this QR code to activate a brand new bike.

  • When your bike is activated, you can find your Mac address in the Cowboy app. Go to Settings --> Advanced --> It's the code under "Mac address"

An example of a Mac address is F7:0B:04:08:78:28

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