Cowboy Care

Cowboy Care is an all-inclusive maintenance service at your door to keep your bike in perfect shape.

More information (e.g. where Cowboy Care is available) can be found on our website here. Just scroll down to get to the FAQ and Terms and Conditions section.

Our technicians can come up to 10km from the city centre where Cowboy Care is offered. If you want to make use of Cowboy Care, but you live just outside of the area, you could input a public address within the area and bring your bike there.

Cowboy Mobile Service

Cowboy Mobile Service is the team of expert-trained technicians who will conduct the service under your Cowboy Care subscription. The Cowboy Mobile Service team also conducts under-warranty repairs and out-of-warranty servicing.

We currently do not offer maintenance service by Cowboy Mobile Service partners without a Cowboy Care subscription.

It could be that booking a single maintenance appointment becomes an option in the future, but we don't have more information on that yet.

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