What is Cowboy Care?
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What is Cowboy Care?

Cowboy Care is an all-inclusive maintenance service at your door to keep your bike in perfect shape.

More information can be found on our website here. Just scroll down to get to the FAQ and Terms and Conditions section.

Our technicians can come up to 10km from the city centre where Cowboy Care is offered. If you want to make use of Cowboy Care, but you live just outside of the area, you could input a public address within the area and bring your bike there.

How can I subscribe to Cowboy Care?

To subscribe to Cowboy Care, you can simply purchase it through the app in the "Subscription" part. You will then be able to book an appointment through your App directly.

Where do you offer the Cowboy Care service?

To find out about the current availabilities of the Cowboy Care service, you can head to our dedicated page here. If you cannot book an appointment for any reason, simply get in touch with the team and an agent will help you find the best solution.

If your city is not covered by Cowboy Care yet, we will do our very best to expand this service as quickly as possible.

How do I cancel my Cowboy Care subscription?

  • If you have not used your Cowboy Care Service and that you are still within the 14-day period after purchase, you can simply request a cancellation of your subscription by filling out this form.

  • If you have used your Cowboy Care subscription already and/or are outside of the 14-day period after your activated Cowboy Care, I'm afraid that we will not be able to refund the service. Your subscription will therefore continue until the end of the subscription period, exactly one year after the activation date of Cowboy Care.

  • If you would like to cancel the renewal of your Cowboy Care subscription, then you can easily do so by clicking on the allocated button in your app, in the Subscriptions part when checking your Cowboy Care subscription. By doing this, your subscription will be available until the end of the subscription period, but the automatic renewal will be cancelled.

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