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The Cowboy Classic has a ‘classic’ riding position, where the handlebar is more or less at the same level as the saddle. This gives you a 30-60° angle to the ground when riding the bike, it's an athletic and speedy riding position which really makes you feel like you are beating traffic. This model is optimized for riders between 170-195 cm (67"-76.8") tall.
The Cowboy Cruiser and Cowboy Cruiser ST have a ‘city-trekking’ riding position, where the handlebar is positioned higher and closer to the saddle. That way you can sit more upright, at a 60-80° angle to the ground. This will improve your overall riding comfort while keeping a dynamic position and great overview of your surroundings. The step-through frame of the Cowboy Cruiser ST also makes it easier to get on and off the bike. This model is optimized for riders between 160-190cm (63"-74.8") tall.

You will be able to adapt the saddle height easily with the 'allen key' and the instructions manual you will receive together with the bike.

What is the difference in ride feeling between Cowboy Classic, Cowboy Cruiser and Cowboy Cruiser ST?

Cowboy Classic

Experience a lower pedalling cadence that gives the Classic its sporty spin. From standstill to ride, you'll feel a slight increase in push-off effort, which is compensated by the integrated AdaptivePower ride parameters. This model is ideal for those who want a dynamic cycling sensation to match their active stance on the bike.
Sporty with a high gear ratio 2.86 (60/21)

Cowboy Cruiser ST

Go from ride to glide with a lower push-off effort and a higher pedalling cadence. This model is optimised for those who want to settle into a comfortable, upright riding position and enjoy the perfect cruisey feeling.
Cruisey with a low gear ratio 2.71 (57/21)

Cowboy Cruiser

Experience a lower pedalling cadence and higher gear ratio, with an increased push-off effort to cruise. Optimised for riders who want elevated speeds and unparalleled comfort.
Cruisey with the highest gear ratio 3.00 (60/20)

You can find all the technical differences between all our models on this comparison page.

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