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When it comes to unlocking your Cowboy, you have various options to suit your daily rhythm. Check out the ways to unlock your particular Cowboy model.

Cowboy 1

App Unlock. This method lets you turn on the bike in the Cowboy app. Simply press and hold the pink unlock icon and see the bike spring into life. You're now in the right place to plan your route, turn on your lights, and adjust your ride settings directly in the app.

Siri Unlock With Siri activated on your iPhone, the bike is ready to ride at your command – using just your voice. Learn more.

Cowboy 2

App Unlock and Siri Unlock as with the Cowboy 1.

Auto Unlock As you approach, the bike senses your connection and comes alive. Keyless, effortless, slick – jump on and ride off. Learn more.

Cowboy 3 / 4 / 4ST

You can unlock the Cowboy 3 / 4 / 4ST in all the ways listed above. You also have access to the Manual Unlock feature.

Manual Unlock We designed this feature as the ultimate fall-back. Forgot your phone or its battery just died? With a turn of the key, take out the battery and push it back within 20 seconds to kickstart the engine.

You can rest easy – it’s totally secure as only you can take the battery out using your unique battery key. As an extra security measure in case of theft, you always have the option to deactivate Manual Unlock by toggling ‘Find My Bike’ in the app.

We also made sure that your bike lights always start up when manually unlocking the bike. We want you to arrive safe and sound at your destination.

That said, connectivity is at the design core of the Cowboy. Connecting via the app is essential to get the latest firmware updates installed and to receive maintenance advice specific to your bike straight from the Cowboy team. The preferred way to wake up the bike is using the Auto Unlock feature or with Siri voice command.

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