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Control your bike with Siri
Control your bike with Siri
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How can I use Siri to unlock and lock my bike?

Unlocking and locking your bike has never been faster. Activate Siri on your iPhone, create your own shortcuts and control your bike effortlessly - using just your voice.

Make sure you keep your app open in the background for those Siri shortcuts to work.

How to set Siri up?

  • Open Apple’s Shortcuts app

  • Tap + to create a new shortcut

  • Add an action

  • Search for the Cowboy app

  • Select Unlock my bike to define your shortcut for unlocking your bike with Siri

  • Unlock my bike will be the shortcut to unlock your bike. If you want, you can pick another sentence by changing your shortcut title.

  • Repeat the same process to define a shortcut for locking your bike

Your shortcuts will also be available with a long press on the app icon.

Is my phone compatible with the Siri feature?

The Siri feature is available from the iOS app v2.9.0.

Can I also use Siri to unlock my bike with my Apple Watch?

Yes - just follow this tutorial to run your shortcuts from your Apple Watch.

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