How can I use Siri to unlock and lock my bike?

Unlocking and locking your bike has never been faster. Activate Siri on your iPhone, create your own shortcuts and control your bike effortlessly - using just your voice. Discover how to set this up in the above demo. 

You can also hold down the app icon to access shortcuts to lock and unlock your bike.

Is my phone compatible with this feature?

This feature is available from the iOS app v2.9.0. Note that you'll need to unlock and lock your bike at least once when you update your app before being able to use Siri shortcuts.

A voice control option will be available on Android too in the future.

Does the app need to stay in background for this feature to work? 

No need to leave it open. The app will open behind the scenes right when you need it.

Can I choose any sentence to unlock and lock my bike?

Sure. Pick any sentence you fancy.

Can I also use Siri to unlock my bike with my Apple Watch?

No, as we don't have an Apple Watch app at the moment. 

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