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How we'll help you with your Cowboy

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If you ever need help with your Cowboy bike, we'll ensure you solve any issue as quickly and easily as possible.

My bike needs repairing - how can I get it fixed?

Step 1: Head to your Cowboy App to diagnose the issue.

  • First, head to your Cowboy app > Support > Chat with us.

  • Here, our machine-led diagnosis will likely be able to identify your issue for you instantly, and to let you know how best to get this issue fixed. If the issue is complex, our technical team is on standby to help.

  • Once we've understood the issue you have, we'll then help you solve it as quickly as possible.

Step 2: We'll help connect you with the best solution to get you back on the road.

Digital or App issues

Here, our technical team will help to fix your bike or app remotely, and you'll be good to go.

Bike Mechanical Issues (not specific to Cowboy bikes)

For bike mechanical issues not specific to Cowboy (e.g. issues with brakes, wheels, pedals etc), you do not require a Cowboy-specific technician and we will help you find the easiest local solution.

  • First, we will send you any spare parts that you might need. Once you have the parts (or if they are widely available in bike shops), we will then either connect you to your local bike shop, to one of our dedicated partner shops, or if you are handy, help you with self-repair via our tutorial page.

Cowboy-specific or electrical bike issues

If your issue is specific to Cowboy bikes or with the bike electronics, we will connect you with a Cowboy-trained technician in a registered bike shop.

  • First, we will first send you any spare parts that you might need. Once you have the parts, we will then either connect you to your local bike shop, to one of our dedicated partner shops, or our mobile technicians.

  • If the issue is covered under warranty, no labour cost will be charged. If you decide to go for the premium service at home, you'll pay travel fees.

Where can I get maintenance for my bike?

If you are eligible for Cowboy Care, this is the best solution for Cowboy maintenance. Our fully trained technicians will come to you and provide regular maintenance sessions, that you can book directly via your Cowboy app. Check our site here for more information, and see whether you're in our coverage zone here.

For standard bike maintenance and repair like a puncture or replacing your brake pads, you can simply go to your local bike shop. Any bike shop in your area will be able to help you. Just make sure that the bike shop is familiar with a hydraulic brake system.

You can also find several tutorials on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions - After Sales

I have a regular bike issue - can you send a technician?

For simple issues not specific to Cowboy bikes, we no longer dispatch technicians because we have found that connecting customers to local bike shops for simple mechanical issues is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective solution to get our riders back on the road. We also partner directly with specific bike shops (check our map here) and we’re growing this network every day.

If your issue is specific to a Cowboy bike or an electric bike, we will connect you directly to either our selected partner shops or to a mobile technician, depending on your location.

Where can I go for the maintenance and/or repair of my bike?

Any bike shop should be able to help you further for the maintenance and/or repair of your bike. You can also find a list of certified partners for repairs and maintenance by clicking on this link and choosing your country.

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