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Control your motor assistance
Control your motor assistance
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Cruiser (ST) and Classic

With Performance power pack

2 levels of assistance are available on your bike: Adaptive and Eco. Adaptive is the mode we recommend to enjoy the best possible ride feeling on your bike. Switch to Eco if you want to extend your battery range or have a harder workout. To change mode, turn on your bike and tap on the assistance button visible at the bottom of your ride dashboard in the app.

If you want, you can also completely turn off your motor assistance by opening the settings panel accessible in your ride dashboard. Tap the assistance button several times to toggle between Adaptive, Eco and Off.

Learn more about AdaptivePower in this dedicated FAQ article.

Without Performance power pack

Without the Performance power pack, you can enjoy our Intuitive Power technology. Intuitive Power detects changes in cycling speed and pedaling power, adjusting the motor's assistance accordingly.

Intuitive Power is opposed to AdaptivePower, our latest technology only available with a Performance Power pack. AdaptivePower uses a broader range of sensor data to understand the riding context better. It fully automates motor support, offering a more seamless riding experience. Torque sensors in the pedals sense when you need extra power, such as when starting, accelerating, or going uphill, adjusting the motor's support automatically.

Cowboy 1, 2 and 3

You can solely completely turn on or completely turn off your motor assistance through your ride dashboard. AdaptivePower and EcoPower are only available on more recent bike models.

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