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What does Connect include?

You can find all the information about Cowboy Connect and what it includes by visiting our website here.

How can I buy Cowboy Connect?

You can purchase Connect directly via our website, simply by adding it in your cart. You can also purchase Connect through your Cowboy app.

What is the difference between Intuitive and Adaptive Power?

Intuitive Power detects changes in cycling speed and pedaling power, adjusting the motor's assistance accordingly.

AdaptivePower, however, uses a broader range of sensor data to understand the riding context better. It fully automates motor support, offering a more seamless riding experience. Torque sensors in the pedals sense when you need extra power, such as when starting, accelerating, or going uphill, adjusting the motor's support automatically.

What does Basic and Advanced trips history mean?

With the basic trips history, you will not see:

  • Human power or motor information

  • Heart rate related information

  • Calories burned

  • The evolution of your speed during your ride

  • The battery consumption

You will be able to see:

  • Your route

  • The overall distance, duration and speed

I bought my bike before the launch of Connect, do I also have those features on my bike?

Regardless if you purchased a Cowboy Classic, Cowboy Cruiser or Cruiser ST: all bikes purchased before the 17th of July 2023 will have all Connect features included by default.

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