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In which road/weather/conditions can I use a Cowboy bike?
In which road/weather/conditions can I use a Cowboy bike?
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Can I use my bike in winter or in high temperatures?

The bike battery works quite normally for temperatures usually felt in Belgium. Specifically, below -10 °C, it will not start. Between -10 °C and 0 °C, it will lose a little in efficiency compared to normal conditions. But between 0 °C and 60 °C it will operate normally. Exceeding 60 °C, your bike will also lose some power.

As long as the temperatures are between 0 °C and 60 °C, your bike will therefore work normally. In case of lower temperatures, your bike's power might decrease or not start if temperatures drop too much in the negatives.

What is the recommended maximum weight for the bike?

The Cowboy 3 passed the ISO 4210 certification for a total weight of 110kg (308.6), weight of the bike included (16.9kg).
The Cowboy Classic / Cruiser / Cruiser ST / Cross / Cross ST are certified for a maximum weight of 140 kg, including the weight of the bike. This leaves a maximum load of c.110-120 kg, including the weight of the rider, accessories, backpack, etc.
If the load on the bike is higher, you may expect to have to replace wear and tear parts sooner.

Can I use my Cowboy bike in the forest / on tracks?

The Cowboy Cross and Cross ST have suspensions and are perfect for city commutes and forest trails alike.

The Cowboy 3 and Cowboy Classic / Cruiser / Cruiser ST are urban bikes, made for the city. Therefore, the bike does not have suspensions for example, which can be uncomfortable on very bumpy roads or paths. This is why we do not recommend to use the bike on forest paths for example.

Nonetheless, we would still suggest to book a test ride to get a feeling of the bike in real conditions and see if it suits your needs.

Can I safely use my bike under (heavy) rain? Is it safe for the battery to ride under (heavy) rain?

It is absolutely fine to use the bike under the rain; after all, the Cowboy bikes were designed in Belgium where the rain definitely is present 😁

We only suggest to not remove the battery from the bike in the rain. Indeed, the connectors always need to remain dry, and they are protected when the battery is inside the bike. If the connectors get wet, please make sure to first completely dry the bike out before putting the battery back in, otherwise it may damage the electric cells of both your bike and the battery.

Can I ride my bike without assistance?

If your battery is empty, you will still be able to use your bike as a regular bike without any electrical support. Just keep in mind that our bike has been designed to provide the best experience possible with the support of the engine. Riding it without any battery will thus not be ideal as it is a single speed bike, especially uphill.

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