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Do your bikes have an offroad mode?

The offroad mode is a mode that allows the assistance to go higher than 25km/h for use on private grounds. The offroad mode was available on Cowboy 1s and Cowboy 2s, but has been removed from the Cowboy 3 bikes onwards. It is therefore not possible to have an offroad mode on Cowboy 3 bikes and more recent models.

I own a Cowboy 1 or a Cowboy 2, can I use the offroad mode?

Cowboy 1s and Cowboy 2s do have the offroad mode available. However, since offroad can only be used on private grounds and not on public roads, we have been sending messages to Cowboy 1 and Cowboy 2 owners to let them know that we suggest to remove the offroad permanently to avoid any misunderstandings with the police, should the bike be controlled.

As long as you have not clicked on the button to permanently remove the offroad from your Cowboy 1 or Cowboy 2 bike, you will still be able to use it. On the contrary, if you have clicked on the button, the offroad mode is permanently removed from your bike and we will not be able to reactivate it anymore.

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