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Will I receive the bike fully assembled?
Will I receive the bike fully assembled?
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The bike will arrive at your doorstep 99% assembled. This means you will need to carry out just 3 simple steps to be able to ride the bike: 

  • Mount the pedals

  • Turn the handlebar and tighten it

  • Adjust the saddle to the right height

You will find clear instructions and the necessary tools in the accessory box in your packaging. These steps should not take longer than 5 minutes. 

To get started you will also need to scan a QR code. The QR code is printed in 2 different spots:

  • On a label around the frame of the bike

  • On the last page of the User Guide (mac address)

The kickstand and luggage rack will be pre-assembled on the bike when purchased with the bike. Mudguards are by default part of the bike and always pre-assembled.

If you would like some help assembling your bike and setting-up your Cowboy app, feel free to book an On Demand service at your doorstep with one of our experts.

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