Soft Brakes (C1, C2, C3)

How to solve the issue: Soft Brakes

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How do I know I have this issue?

Your brakes won't 'bite' properly, or they will only activate when you push the brake lever very far down. The brakes might not be effective as they should be.

What causes this issue?

This issue is usually caused either by worn out pads, or with an oil leak from the hose head going into the lever or caliper.

Is this issue covered by warranty

Where to have this issue fixed?

This issue is not specific to Cowboy bikes, since our brakes C1, C2, C3 are standard Tektro brakes. You do not need specific Cowboy parts for this, any bike shop will have them in stock, so it's quickest to visit your local bike shop who will be able to fix this easily.

  • Local Bike shop: We recommend visiting your local favourite bike shop to easily and quickly fix this issue. Just ask them to check your brake calipers, pads and discs and show them the instructions below.

  • Cowboy Certified Bike Shop: If you are near a Cowboy Certified Bike Shop, you can also drop in there. Check our map here

What spare parts are needed?

If required, brake pads are available here.

Repair Instructions

(You can share these instructions with your local bike shop)

Check first if the issue is caused by worn brake pads, or by oil leak

  • If brake pads, replace.

  • If oil leak, bleed brakes (regular procedure)

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