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How can I access the Strava feature?

The Strava integration is supported from the app 3.5.0, both on iOS and Android, after purchasing Cowboy Connect. Strava is available for all riders with Cowboy Connect, no matter their bike model or firmware version.

Head to Settings Your account Integrations and tap on Strava to link your Strava account. Keep the export manual or automatic depending on your preference.

What is Strava about?

The Strava feature allows you to share your future rides on your Strava account. You can let us automatically share all your future rides, or you can keep things manual and share some specific rides by clicking on the Share on Strava button visible in the details of an activity. You can pause this automatic export whenever you want and reactivate it at a later time.

In case of automatic export, we’ll hide your short rides (< 2km) from your Strava friends home feed as they are likely to be less interesting to them. All your rides will still be sent to Strava and be visible on your profile.

Can I adapt my rides privacy setting?

You must adapt the visibility setting of your rides on Strava itself. Note that this setting is a general setting applicable to all your Strava activities, not just your Cowboy rides. Its default value is “visible to my friends only”.

Strava also allows you to hide certain locations like your home or work address. Read more about this in their FAQ.

Some data are different on Cowboy and Strava, is it normal?

Strava infers your speed data from your positions, while we measure it straight from your wheels speed as it’s more accurate. You can thus expect to see a gap in all the speed-related data (avg. speed, max speed, moving time, …) between our app and Strava.

I don’t see one of my rides on Strava, is it normal?

  • Rides that were made before you activated the automatic export will never be automatically synchronised. You must share them manually if you want to.

  • Rides that are visible on your app but are still missing position & speed data collected by the app, are not synchronized directly. We’ll wait for 30 minutes to try to retrieve those data before exporting those rides to Strava.

Chat with us through the app if you need some support.

Can I delete a ride from Strava?

Yes. You can do it on Strava directly. You’ll not be able to export those rides again, so make sure you really want to delete them. Note when deleting a ride on our app, you aren’t automatically deleting it from Strava as well. You must also delete it on that platform.

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