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Crash detection is available for Cowboy 2 or newer models. If crash detection is set up and your bike detects you're in a crash, it will warn your emergency contact.

How it works

We know you don't want to worry your contacts unnecessarily, so we built an intelligent system that reduces false alerts close to 0. We use the speed sensor located in your wheel, the accelerometer embedded in your frame, as well as the torque sensor indicating whether you're pushing on your pedals, to determine whether you fell of your bike. This makes our solution one of the most reliable crash detection systems available on the market.

If your bike detects you fell, it will start flashing. You'll then have 60 seconds to dismiss the alert if you're doing fine and don't want your emergency contacts to be notified. In case you don't react, we’ll automatically alert your contacts and share a tracking link with them where they can visualize your latest known position and status. We know people aren't always on their phone. To draw your contacts attention, we'll also automatically give them a call if we see they didn't open the tracking link. So you're being taken care of as fast as possible.

Set up Crash Detection

  1. Make sure you own a Cowboy 2 or newer model, you’re running bike firmware v4.9.0+ and iOS app v2.11.0+ or Android app v2.9.0+.

  2. Click on your avatar to open the menu, then tap My bike.

  3. Go in the Configuration section and tap Crash Detection.

  4. Tap the Add your first contact button to select an emergency contact amongst your phone contacts.

  5. Tap Add a contact to add an extra emergency contact. You can have up to 2 emergency contacts.

  6. Turn on Crash Detection while you’re connected to your bike to activate the functionality.

What to do as an emergency contact

Congrats, your friends and family know they can count on you. No need to do anything special unless we send you an alert SMS in case of a potential accident. We then advise you to open the link included in the SMS to visualize all the information we have about the alert, and to call the rider to make sure everything is okay.

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