Company bikes are an attractive option for businesses, employees, and the self-employed. It is one of the most popular employee benefits and fiscally encouraged. The only requirement is that you need a VAT number.


Cowboy 3 for €1990 // £1690 (incl. VAT)

Cowboy 4 for €2490 // £2290 (incl. VAT)

Cowboy 4+ for €2589 // £2389 (incl. VAT)

We have a special B2B pricing as from 5 bikes (-5%) - 10 bikes (-10%) - 50 bikes (-15%)

In most countries, bikes are 100% deductible as a business expense.


Leasing includes various services so you can ride worry-free.

What? - 36 months of operational leasing. During the leasing period, the bike is technically owned by the leasing company. In the end, you can choose to transfer ownership of the bike at a residual value of 16%.

36M operational leasing comes at a cost of est. €70-90 per month, incl.

  1. Yearly maintenance budget // Service moment at the location

  2. Theft and damage insurance

  3. Road assistance

Leasing fees are also 100% fiscally deductible.


In Belgium, we work with:

  • Joule

  • Team Cyclis

  • o2o

In Germany, we work with:

  • Jobrad

  • MeinDienstrad

  • BusinessBike

  • Kazenmaier

  • Deutsche Dienstrad

In France, we work with:

  • Tim sports

  • Azfalte

  • Tut Tut

In the Netherlands, we work with:

  • Fietslease Holland

  • Lease A Bike

In Denmark and Sweden, we work with:

Cycle to work schemes

These schemes allow employees to get a bike through a settlement with their gross wage. The settlement is usually done during a period of 12 months.

In the United Kingdom, we work with:

  • Cyclescheme

  • The green commute initiative (GCI)

  • Bike2work

  • Enjoybenefits

  • Cycle Solutions

  • Vivup

  • Dash Rides

In the Netherlands we work with:

  • De nationale fiets projecten & Fiscree

In France we work with:

  • Beetogreen

We will keep on growing this channel through new partners in different markets.

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