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When will Core bikes be delivered?

We estimate to deliver the first Core bikes by the end of September. Please keep in mind this is an estimation and subject to change. We suggest you keep an eye on your personal customer portal here:

What are the main specs differences between Core and Performance?

You can find the differences between the configurations by clicking on this link.

What are the bikes’ prices?

You can find the bikes' prices by clicking on this link.

How much does the rack cost?

You can find the rear-rack's price by clicking on this link.

What does it mean for me to have a chain instead of a belt?

Having a belt on your bike, compared to a chain, means you will need less maintenance and experience a quieter ride. A belt is also lighter than a chain, resulting in a lower overall weight of the bike.

Where and when can I test a Core configuration?

In order to maintain our commitment to providing high-quality bikes at a competitive price, we currently do not offer Test Rides for Core. This approach helps us keep the cost of this configuration low.

Kindly note that even if Test Rides are not provided for this configuration, loss of value fees and return shipping costs will apply if you test the bike and then decide to return it. More infos on return costs and loss of value fees can be found here.

Can I exchange my bike for Core?

  • If you have not received your bike, you can cancel your order using this form, and reorder the Core configuration.

  • If you have received your bike, or if it is shipped, we will need to organise the return of your bike. All guidelines about returning your bike and which costs this entails can be found here.

Is Cowboy Core available in the US?

Cowboy Core is not available in the US yet. We don't have an ETA yet as to when it will be the case, so feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first ones to know.

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