We wanted to give your phone and the new Cowboy app centre stage, enabling our riders to have a companion along for the ride, offering easy and instant access to information such as remaining battery range, air quality on route and a wide range of live fitness stats. Thanks to our cockpit, it is now easy to quickly and securely dock your phone and give it a battery charge as you ride.

The app is packed with industry-first features available this summer on both iOS and Android:

  • A new home screen presenting en route weather and air quality information, predictive battery range and consumption, as well as previous trips summary.

  • A new navigation screen and 3D map rendering layout allowing for intuitive access to favorite and recent locations, clear turn-by-turn directions, factoring the air quality index and offering the healthiest route as an alternative to the fastest itinerary.

  • New trip dashboard to track live fitness data such as distance covered, average and top speed, caloric burn, and elevation gain.

  • Trip summary rewarding frequent usage and achievements, including badges earned and leaderboard ranking.

  • A new community feature offering the ability to join curated group rides across capital cities in Europe.

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