The referral program is an exciting opportunity for Cowboy owners to gift a €100 / 100£ / $100 / 750 kr in Denmark / 1000 kr in Sweden voucher to their friends and family that want to purchase a Cowboy 3 or 4. As a Cowboy owner you will be rewarded with some free custom branded swag.

The more Cowboy bikes on the road, the closer we are to a future without cars in the city. Share the love.

How can I refer someone?

  • Share your personal link whenever you want through the dedicated section on the app.

  • When your referral registers their email address on Cowboy's website, you’ll automatically be notified.

  • Once your friend buys a Cowboy 3 or Cowboy 4, they’ll get a €100 / 100£ / $100 / 750 kr in Denmark / 1000 kr in Sweden,- voucher and you’ll receive exclusive Cowboy swag. You'll get a confirmation email for the reward you unlocked.

  • Your reward will be shipped to you at least 4 weeks following the delivery of your friend's bike. A UPS tracking link will be shared upon dispatch.

How can I keep track of my referral status?

You can visualize all your unlocked rewards within the app. You will also be notified when someone uses your link and purchases a bike thanks to your recommendation.

I don’t have a bike, I didn't order one yet and I got a referral link 🤩 How to proceed?

Just click on your referral link, enter your email address and your voucher will be added to your shopping cart immediately.

Can I exchange a reward for something else?

Cowboy's rewards are not interchangeable. Reach the next referral level to gain access to the next exclusive reward.

What if my friend buys several bikes?

One level is unlocked per friend. You will receive one free item of Cowboy swag and your friend will be able to receive one referral voucher.

I bought the bike but I didn't click on the link I received or I found a link after my purchase. Can I still receive my referral voucher?

We will unfortunately not be able to offer you and your referee free rewards if your purchase has already been made.
You are eligible for rewards for your first purchase only. So if you cancel your first order and place a second one with the link, the referral reward will not be shipped to your friend, and you won't benefit from the referral voucher.

Can I use the referral link to purchase a Cowboy Circular bike?

No, we do not offer a referral voucher in combination with our Circular models.

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