Sure. The following accessories are already delivered together with your Cowboy:

  • a bell

  • spokes reflectors and a seat reflector

  • additional front and rear lights

With the Cowboy 4 we have also launched a new set of accessories available directly from the checkout You can opt for the following:

  • A sturdy Lock from Kryptonite; the U Evolution STD for 89 Euros. We have chosen for a U-Lock as we believe it’s safe, aesthetically pleasing and practical in use.

  • The Quadlock mount for 29 euro to attach your phone to your the cockpit. We can offer dedicated Quad Locks for iPhone 8 or newer iPhone models. Otherwise you can choose the Universal Fit from Quadlock, this way you can add a mounting sticker to your current case as shown here.

    Please note that the wireless charging feature may not work, or very slow, when used with an universal mount.

  • Our custom-designed kickstand is currently only compatible with the Cowboy 4 model. We are looking into ways to adapt the mounting system to make it compatible for Cowboy 3 as well, we’ll let you know if that would ever become an option. This kickstand is available at 29 euro.

  • Launched together with the introduction of the Cowboy 4 is a rear rack for 99 euro. It can carry a weight up to 25 kg and it is compatible with most universal child seats.

    It's only compatible with the Cowboy 4 models, but if we manage to find a solution for older versions, we won't hesitate to do so of course.

Please note that mounting the Cowboy 3 mudguards on other Cowboy models is not possible as the new mudguards are a new design with an extended surface area for maximum protection.

Our bike is also compatible with some other accessories available on the market like luggage racks, kickstands, child seats, ...

Looking for advice? Don't hesitate to go to your local dealer with your bike. You can also find some accessories we have tested on this website.

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