That's no problem, let us explain the differences between both models as well.

The new app features will be included in Cowboy 2 as well.

The improvements include:

  • NEW / Lower gear ratio offering a faster start while balancing the perceived lack of assistance when climbing uphill. Riding the Cowboy bike is easier than even before.
  • NEW / Gates carbon belt transmission. No oily chain to mess and no maintenance for 30,000 kilometers.
  • NEW / Rims : Better comfort due to increased tire surface.
  • NEW / Stem : Improved safety ( 2 additional screws - back to V1 )
  • NEW / Mudguards : better protection
  • NEW / Tires : Puncture resistant. Flexible grip and a puncture protection layer in the tires.
  • NEW / Four new Cowboy app features: theft alert, auto-unlock, air quality, and crash detection.

This also explains the price difference.

If your Cowboy 2 didn't arrive yet, you can cancel the Cowboy 2 by filling in this form. Otherwise you can get in touch with the team via [email protected] or via the chat. If you filled in the form, you will receive an automatic email confirming this cancellation in 2 business days. The amount paid by you will be refunded on the card you used to purchase the bike. It typically takes between 5 and 10 open days to receive the refund.

The purchase of the Cowboy 3 can be done via our website.

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