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How can I access this feature?

Theft alerts are a Cowboy insurance exclusive. You can activate an insurance plan in your app within 1 year of purchasing your bike.

Notifications are supported on the iOS app v2.8.5+, Android app v2.6.0+ and firmware v4.7+.

How does it work?

Your bike will start sensing movements 2 minutes after you turn it off through your app, so you can lock it with ease.

If someone touches your bike for a few seconds, you will then receive a theft alert notification on your phone, followed by its GPS position. Click on the alert to keep track of your bike location and retrieve it guided by the bluetooth signal strength indicator.

Note that you must be connected to the internet to receive such alerts. They will be dismissed if you are close by and connected to your bike by Bluetooth, so we don't bother you when you’re the one moving your bike. They will also be dismissed if you started a ride after the time of the alert.

Will it still work if I take out my battery?

Yes. There is a back-up battery inside your bike that allows it to send theft alerts and new positions notifications. Make sure to leave your main battery in your bike regularly so that back-up battery can be recharged and keep on sending alerts.

What's the impact on my battery range?

The impact on your battery range is negligible. 

Can I disable the alerts?

Sure. Go in Your Bike > Settings > Theft alert to disable or enable those alerts. Note that connecting to your bike before you move it will also prevent you from receiving unwanted alerts.

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