• If the theft of the bike happens when the bike is not locked according to Cowboy’s prescribed procedure via the digital key of the Cowboy app.

  • If the bike is located in a public space or in an enclosed communal area without being properly locked. The bike must be locked with a bike chain ART category 2 or higher (example: ABUS BORDO PLUS bike chain) used according to the manufacturer’s instructions AND fixed to a permanent object when it was stolen (e.g. bike rack, utility pole).

  • The wheels, tires, or electric battery if stolen separately from the bike.

  • If you cause damage to a third-party while riding your bike, it does not insure your civil liability.

  • Aesthetic damage (e.g. scratches or dents).

  • Damage resulting from a breach of trust or fraud.

  • Theft or attempted theft of the bike resulting from the theft of your smartphone with the mobile application to unlock the bike.

  • Damage to the smartphone containing the mobile application to unlock the bike.

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