Offering great after-sales support is an important mission to us.

If there is anything wrong with your bike or you need advice regarding maintenance you can simply contact us via the chat in the app, on our website or via [email protected].

Standard components

For standard bike maintenance and repair like, a puncture or replacing your brake pads, you can simply go to your local bike shop. Just make sure that the bike shop is familiar with a hydraulic brake system.

Software related issues

If you have a software related issue don’t hesitate to reach out to us as many of these issues can be resolved remotely. My colleagues will investigate the issue and you will be back on the road before you know it.

Electric bike specific problems

Electronic and electric components, like the battery and the motor, are custom designed for our bike. You can contact us so we can decide on the best solution for you. We can send you the needed parts so you can repair it yourself, go to a local bike shop or in some cases we can even send a Cowboy Mobile Service Partner to your door.

We will remind you regularly to check your bike. We have also prepared a document regarding maintenance that you can find below.

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