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What about after-sales?
What about after-sales?
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Offering great after-sales support is an important mission to us.

If there is anything wrong with your bike or you need advice regarding maintenance you can simply contact us via the chat in the app. By doing so, our Customer Success Team will immediately have access to your personal profile to start diagnosis of the problem as quickly as possible.

We have also set up flow in the chat get all the necessary information to diagnose your problem without the need for an endless back and forth.

The human contact afterwards can then immediately focus on solving your issue.

Going through this flow accurately will only take you a couple of minutes and it will speed up the problem solving process significantly.

In the flow, you can also find useful maintenance tutorials for your bike model specifically.

Need maintenance?

For standard bike maintenance and repair like a puncture or replacing your brake pads, you can simply go to your local bike shop. Any bike shop in your area will be able to help you. Just make sure that the bike shop is familiar with a hydraulic brake system.

You can also find several tutorials on this page.

We also provide a maintenance service called Cowboy Care. If you live in, or can transport your bike to a city where we offer Cowboy Care, this maintenance service can be very useful. For more information about Cowboy Care, take a look at our page dedicated to it. 💪

Having issues with your bike?

If you have a software-related issue or an issue with the bike’s electronics, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can decide on the best solution for you. We can solve it remotely, send you the needed parts so you can repair it yourself, advice to go to a local bike shop or in some cases we can even send a Cowboy Mobile Service Partner to your door.

Also, if you live in Brussels or in Berlin, we might also advice you to book an appointment for our Service Center, where our experts will be happy to solve the issue you are encountering with your bike.

In any case, if you have any questions about the repair or maintenance of your bike, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through chat on your Cowboy app.

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