Sure. The following accessories are already delivered together with your Cowboy 3:

  • a bell
  • spokes reflectors and a seat reflector
  • additional front and rear lights

We officially launched custom-designed, Cowboy 3 mudguards. Mudguards are the #1 requested accessory from our customers and we're proud to have made them the Cowboy way: rugged, aluminum, and engineered to perform in wet conditions with a matte black finish, designed to seamlessly fit the bike's style. You can add them to your order during checkout. These mudguards will be pre-assembled, when ordered together with the bike.

Please note that mounting the Cowboy 3 mudguards on other Cowboy models is not possible as the new mudguards are a new design with an extended surface area for maximum protection.

Our bike is also compatible with some other accessories available on the market like luggage racks, kickstands, child seats, ...

Looking for advice? Don't hesitate to go to your local dealer with your bike. Here are the dealers we do recommend. You can also find some accessories we have tested on this website.

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